8 Ways to Stay Active This Summer

stay active

From attending outdoor concerts, going on hikes or walks, having picnics in the park, playing sports or games in your backyard, hosting a barbecue, and taking a dance class—you can find endless activities that don’t involve hitting the gym.

Magnesium Supplement Benefits

magnesium supplement benefits

Magnesium supplements have been quite popular in the last decade or so. Get some tips and recommendations on the best magnesium supplements in Canada!

Benefits Of Vitamin Supplements

benefits of vitamin supplements

Combined with a healthy diet, vitamin supplements can have many benefits on your wellness. Check out our latest tips and suggestions on all the daily vitamins you need to maintain optimal health!

The Best Face Sunscreens in Canada

best face sunscreen canada

Make sure you and your family are protected from harmful UV rays this summer by checking out our list of the best face sunscreens in Canada!