If you were to pick the most popular natural product in the country, melatonin or probiotics would be your choices. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health reports that nearly 8% of Canadians use fish oil. You may be one of them or thinking about purchasing a supplement. But you might also be curious about the benefits and risks associated with fish oil. We have compiled this guide to help you understand the benefits of fish oil, beginning with its amazing range of health benefits.

May reduce chronic inflammation

Oils extracted from fatty fish like sardines, anchovies, and mackerel provide two types of omega-3 fatty acids–eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)–that are known to help lower inflammation, and generally improve inflammatory conditions in the body. Fish-derived omega-3s could offer health protection as a result of chronic low-grade inflammation, which is linked to premature aging and many diseases.

Thought to protect the heart

Research has shown that fish oil can increase HDL cholesterol and lower blood triglycerides. It also helps to reduce blood pressure. Experts believe that fish oil could support your heart health. A September 2019 meta-analysis in the journal JAHA found that omega-3s from marine sources lower the risk of heart attacks and death.

Could help boost bone density

The average Canadian diet includes far more omega-6 fatty acid–which can be found in vegetable oils like corn and sunflower oils–than Omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA and EPA. This imbalance has been linked to low bone density in both women and men. The good news is that fish oil can be used to prevent bone loss in older people who consume higher amounts of omega-3.

May support eye health

Although the results of studies are not conclusive, some research suggests that fish oil may be able to lower the risk for age-related macular damage. This condition causes distortion or loss of central vision and is more common with age.

Can potentially reduce asthma risks in children

Research shows that children who consume fish oil during pregnancy could be less likely to develop asthma. One small study also found that infant allergies were reduced by consuming fish oil during pregnancy. You should not take fish oil by yourself if you are pregnant. Talk to your doctor to determine if fish oil is appropriate for you and, if so, what dosage and form.

Might also keep your brain sharp

One study found that fish oil had a five-week improvement in cognitive performance for healthy adults aged 51 to 72, when compared to the placebo. Studies have also shown that higher levels of omega-3s are associated with lower anxiety and depression. Fish oil supplementation can be used in conjunction with antidepressant treatments to treat depression.

Helps keep you healthy & fit

Research has shown that omega-3s may be linked to fat loss. Supplemental fish oil can also slow down the normal decline of muscle mass and function for men and women aged 60-85. Good fats found in fish oil can also stimulate muscle protein growth and increase muscle mass in older people. They can also boost resistance training-induced increases of muscle strength. Research has also shown that fish oil may have an indirect effect in weight management by stimulating brain areas that regulate food intake.

Our fish oil recommendations

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The most concentrated in omega-3 DHA formula we have, offered in a liquid form and enriched with vitamin D to preserve the heart, the brain, the bones and the teeth’s health. A simpler alternative for people who have difficulty swallowing big omega-3 softgels.

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Triple Strength Omega-3 900 mg EPA/DHA from Webber Naturals delivers a highly concentrated form of omega-3 fatty acids, guaranteed to be free of environmental contaminants and heavy metals. This one-per-day formula supports cardiovascular health, brain function, reduces serum triglycerides, and promotes healthy mood balance. It also helps reduce the pain of rheumatoid arthritis in adults in conjunction with conventional therapy. Our clear enteric soft-gels ensure optimal delivery and guarantee no fishy aftertaste.

Don't overdo it

Fish oil can cause blood to thin, so taking too much of it could increase your risk of bleeding. Some prescription medications can interact with fish oil, so make sure you talk to your doctor before taking any pills.

Remember to seek professional, medical advice first

Experts recommend a supplement that contains 1,000 mg of DHA or EPA daily. You can also choose plant-based supplements made from algal oil. This is the marine algae fish that produce DHA/EPA. However, we recommend consulting your doctor or registered dietitian in order to find the best product and dosage for you. A supplement of any type can only be used correctly and under the supervision of a qualified health professional.

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